Thursday, September 23, 2010

Only Virgin Can Have Education

During lunch this afternoon we talked about as women we are second class citizen in this country. I think instead of focusing on educating women about emancipation, we should focus in men, after all this is a patriarchal country.

One of the persons we need to re-educate is Bambang Bayu Suseno from the Jambi chapter of political party PAN. He is an esteemed member of the local parliament in Jambi province who has this very bright idea about banning girls who are not virgin from public schools. He proposed that all the girls enrolling for public schools to be screened for their virginity. Those who are not virgin or already married are banned from public schools.

It is said that Bambang, who is a member of commision IV which deals with education, health care, religion and women's empowerment, is drafting a bylaw on virginity test. Apparently the head of the commission IV, Aswan Azhari from Democratic Party, supports the idea.

MUI welcomed this idea, with its Jambi chapter head Sulaiman Abdullah was saying that the morality of the youth must be protected. The virginity test could be implemented and the bylaw drafted so long as it didnt breach existing law.

The positive note came from the Jambi provincial secretary spokesman, Sudirman, who opposes the idea as it is breaching the basic human right and the education law.
With all this discussion is going, no one said anything about the boys and their virginity. Once again, women are punished for something that men can get away with. It would be a very sexist discriminative bylaw to penalized girls who are not virgin no matter the reason behind it.

We have enough problem getting everyone to have a descent education, which judging by this case, it is showed that not everyone have had descent education to begin with.


colson said...

These guys are crazy.

For some reason I think they have a mental problem. They obviously are obsessed by female sexuality. Nothing new under the sun though. Even the texts in the ( very male)holy books of the monotheistic religions, more or less equal decent morals to male control of female sexuality.

As for educating men like BBS, I think it is a hopeless non starter. Too sick in the head and the loins. Though perhaps Mr BBS and his friends should be therapeutically banged on their heads by a bound copy of "La deuxième sexe".

The solution has to come from women themselves- perhaps with the help of a few sensible men. Feminism is a must.

triesti said...

I saw BBS interview this morning, he changed his tune saying it's only interview with psychologist about virginity.

If we only focus on women and expect them to change, the resistance from men are huge. So we need to distinguished men to help the movement. Sadly BBS and his gang are clearly not feminist.