Thursday, September 09, 2010

Home Home

During lunch, after commenting that I have a little American twang, which was disputed by the rest of us, the bloke said that I am home now. I told him I still am undecided about the notion of home. Hours later, he again said to me that for me this is home 'home'. Well, this is where my family live, yes. Home? That's still to be decided.

If any thing, I've learnt that love and attachment are two separate things. I dont attach myself to this place eventho I love some people who live here, just as I try not to attach myself to those I love.


colson said...

Interesting thoughts. Thinking them over I have to admit I don't meet your criteria: Though 'home' to me is a vague and fluid concept, yet I feel pretty much attached to the ones I love where ever they are.

johnorford said...

ditto. atachment and love go together in my book.

triesti said...

Non-attachment doesnt mean one is not care. It doesnt imply complacence or indifference, or not having a commited relationships. But it has more to do with our urge to defy change. it also means accepting my own feeling without expecting anything from another. Accepting the time I spend together with those I love and the time apart. I find it gives freedom, while attachment brings bondage, it's confining.