Thursday, September 23, 2010

Widow or Widower Elderly Parents

I dont remember who asked me the question, but I was asked if I would allow my mom to remarry. Providing he's a good guy and he makes mom happy, of course I would, why wouldnt I? Although, mom said she wont.

From what I heard, some of my mom's friends who are widows or widowers, are not allowed to get remarried by their children. I dont think it's fair for them if they want it to. One of her friends is a widower who had taken care of his terminally ill wife ever since they got married. Yet, his children forbid him to remarry after their mother passed away. I can understand if the children involved are still young and after hearing horror stories about step-parents they are afraid of having one. However, his children are all married and not living at home any more. Perhaps they are worried about the inheritance, or they dont want to have a new parents, I dont know.

What would you do?


colson said...

It's hard to imagine what I would have said and done in similar circumstances ( my parents died in the mid seventies). I guess so I would have felt an emotion like "He (She) is betraying her ( him)".

Yet I hope - no, I'm pretty sure - I immediately would reason that if he ( she) cared for a new partner, it would be best for him ( her)to hook up with her ( him). And moreover: I would have thought I had no right whatsoever to tell my parent what to do.

triesti said...

I agree with your last sentence. I have no right to tell my mom what to do. Besides, I dont think she will listen anyway.. :)