Thursday, September 02, 2010

Private Bank Customer Service

I wrote about our problem with Permata Bank before. To be fair, last week I visited their Menara Jamsostek branch and their customer service was very helpful about my problem. I still need to go to my dad's branch and settle it with them, but based on what she told me, it wouldnt be a problem to use Notary's deed and not Islamic court's ruling which will cost a lot. I just need to find the time to get the paper works ready.

Last month I had a problem with Danamon ATM. I was at Ambassador Mall trying to get some money to pay this store, and there were no money coming out from the ATM. I freaked out. Luckily, the gal from the store was with me, and she reminded me to ask for my report number and the guy's name when I called the customer service. It was on Saturday afternoon, I was told that I am getting my money back within 5 working days. The following Friday morning I happened to visit one of the branch, and was told that the money still hasnt been transfered. In the afternoon someone from the customer service called and told me it's been transfered. And it did. It is not the only time their customer service called me to make sure that my problem has been resolved. When I told them I couldnt pay my internet provider using their ATM, they called me back as soon as they found the solution, at that time it was the morning after I called.

We also have a good experience at Bank Liman. It's a small bank, however I like the way they treat their costumers. My dad's banker came to our place as soon as he found out about my dad passing, and help us the whole process of handling my dad's estate at his bank.

Given my experience with a public bank, I think I am sticking with Danamon as my main bank.


johnorford said...

At my bank - JPM Chase - they try to sell me something every time I go in. Sales people swarm around like a group of hawkers at a Borubudur.

The thing is they don't have much of a clue what they on about either.

I actually try to avoid going in if I can.

Irish banks are so much more professional

triesti said...

Yupe, Sales from Danamon calls every now and then, the worse is their outsource selling insurance (it's from their credit card). The internet banking is still very new over here, I'm still unsure about using it. My option are phone/ATM banking if I dont want to go to their branch.

I miss ABNAMRO. Altho, Colson might disagree :)

anyway.. you have to go back to work, mister!

colson said...

Well, maybe Indonesian banks generally speaking, are the exception to the rule after all.

Though from what I understand there are quite lot of irritating irregularities. However they at least they try to limit the damage by giving a customer some personal attention.

triesti said...

I am probably just lucky with Danamon & Liman. Tell you what, I was allowed to choose the place where they are going to put Danamon ATM near my place. That's the beauty of networking :D