Thursday, September 02, 2010

Not Always Right

I went home late yesterday and was dizzy despite we just had dinner. I took the busway and paid with Jakcard. It's a smart card by Bank DKI that you can use to pay for Busway and some other transactions. I bought it on Monday and only using it when I take Busway from Sudirman area.

When I bought my ticket, I saw I had IDR 9500 left. Somehow I thought I should've had more than that. I went to the Jakcard sales girl after the Busway cashier ignored me.

I asked the girl how come I got only that much left after only using it three times. She looked at the balance and told me she had no idea how to check all the transaction I did. She couldnt tell me how to check to make sure all my transactions were correct and how to get my money back should some mistake happened. All she did was saying, 'I'm sorry, bu.' with out giving me any option.

Things like this gets my nerves. In the beginning of introduction of smart card in Dutch public transport back in 2007, I experienced the card was charging me more than it should. When it happened I just had to go to one of their office down town and they could print out all my transaction and returned my money. So yes, in my delusion I was a bit paranoid last night.

I left the girl as soon as the bus arrived. Between Setiabudi and Dukuh Atas I realized my stupid mistake. It was the correct amount after all. I simply couldnt do simple subtraction. I guess I made the girl confused with all my questioning her. Next time I see her I have to apologize to her.


colson said...

Felt slightly embarrassed? Don't worry. It was just part of her job.

triesti said...

I think I am gonna give her something next monday as peace offering:) But it's kinda funny remembering the look on her face. She was sooooo confused but had no idea why.