Sunday, September 05, 2010

New DPR Building & New Capital

I just had an idea, how about we let DPR has their new luxurious building, but not in Jakarta. There is an ongoing idea about moving the capital city since Sukarno's era. Why dont we start with the new DPR building. I dont care where they are going to located: Makassar or Palangka Raya. Let's see if they are still adamant in pursuing having luxurious building over there.

It'll free up some traffic jams in Jakarta, increase economy outside Jakarta. More infrastructure for the new capital means more project, which also can (sadly) translate into more opportunities for corruptions. Win-Win, right? ;)


colson said...

Splendid idea. I have a few additional ideas; why not put bars in front of the windows, wardens inside and a huge fence around the building.

triesti said...

hahaha.. good one