Friday, December 03, 2010

Korean Drama

No, I am not going to talk about what happen between South and North Korea at the moment. It's too depressing.

Some of my friends are into Korean drama/telenovela. Never caught the bug myself, tho. I found out the surge of Indonesian students in South Korea is partly due to their exposure to this drama. They fell in love with Korean sceneries and people, and from there they decided to study in Korea.

I touched about this phenomena during our lunch the other day, as a way of introducing other culture to Indonesians. It's probably cheaper than having a tourism fair/cultural night to get wider audience.

As I was lounging in front of the telly this afternoon, my cousin & maid were watching one of Korean Dramas. I have no idea which one, it's about a boy and a girl who likes each other but trying to conceal their feeling. Old story. The guy is cute, too pretty actually. The girl is very cute. I didnt see any scenery tho. They shoot everything indoor in this one.

As it is in Korean, we have to read the subtitles. However, the subtitle is terrible. It's in pidgin Bahasa Indonesia. I think they use some machine to translate the whole thing. It's cheap to do that, but most of the time you cant understand the translated part. The grammar is mostly completely wrong, that it made absolutely no sense why they even bother reading the subtitle.

I wonder, if watching too much of Korean Drama with awful subtitle can in the long run ruin your command of proper Bahasa Indonesia.

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