Friday, December 03, 2010

SBY VS Sultan of Jogja: Apple won

We knew that Putin has one. During the eruption of that unpronounceable volcano in Iceland, Jens Stoltenberg, Norwegian PM used one to govern his country from the US while being stranded.

Our president and Sultan of Jogja have a disagreement about the head of Jogjakarta province. For days, the media covered with it. The way I see it, it's all about money. What else matter in this land? It always comes down to it.

What interesting is, Apple is the winner of the battle.

SBY has been known of using IPAD for his speeches. So far, the famous logo was hidden from the camera. Then SBY made a speech on the situation with Sultan. It was more prominent than the Garuda, our national emblem.

You see, SBY need to invest in teleprompter just like Obama to avoid something like this to happen. If he still wants to use his Ipad, he'd better concealed the logo.

In the meantime, with a free advert like this for Apple, does it mean Indonesian get discount for Ipad?


colson said...

Here is stuff for conspiracy theories and spy novels. Perhaps SBY is just an Apple pawn on Steve Jobs' payroll?

triesti said...

either way.. I want discount at Apple store