Saturday, December 04, 2010

A Reminder for Foreigners

When you visit Asia, especially in Indonesia, dont forget to bring small souvenirs to save yourself from embarrassment. More importantly when you are visiting an institution. They will give you souvenir. If you dont have one with you, dont tell me that I didnt warn you.

Dont be arrogant & know-it-all just because you are from the developed country. People can make your life miserable because of it. They can make up special rules for you.


colson said...

Old Amsterdam kaas you mean? :)

Actually I learned about this peculiar habit when my youngest son and his wife ( at the time his fiancée) returned to Jakarta the first time, with a trunk loaded with small presents for each and everyone they know.

My opinion: don't comply and help the Indonesians to unlearn the useless habit as soon as possible :).

But as for the cheese: a promise = a promise :)

triesti said...

hahahaha.. I even forget the cheese thing:) but thanks.

I watched foreign dignitaries forget about it, and became embarrassed when presented with souvenirs. It's like being invited for a dinner in NL and you didnt bring anything for the host. A faux pas.