Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Dream

I had this weird dream last night. A bunch of us were in some sort of tour bus along with others. I was sitting at the back. Somehow my friends started to give me a tiny piece of paper with their religion in it. They said I'd better hold those papers and give it later to this guy. Other people didnt do that. I remember this guy's an atheist in real life, but in my dream his paper said catholics, then another guy whom I have no idea what he believes also has the same thing written on his paper.

Unlike most Indonesians who ask people's religion, I find it too personal and it can be used against me, so I never ask the question unless I have to. So, why did I dream that?


colson said...

Strange kinds of flirting these guys and dolls of your dreams have :).

Someone once told me our brains are working hard at night "filing" in the right place all bits of information we gathered being awake. Most of these facts, feelings, emotions which actually are being filed, are logically unrelated, he told me. But they may pop up in our dreams. And as brains are in the habit of making sense of nonsense, they may show themselves in a dream-story which may show some mysterious logic.

He also told me that we only remember dreams which we had shortly before we wake up.

Alas I can't explain why you did dream what you actually did dream. I guess there is no valid answer to that question. Isn't that beautiful?

triesti said...

I dont know, there are times when I dont remember my dreams, then there are times when I remember in detail every day sometimes 2 or 3 dreams in one night.

Sometimes it connects to people that I know such as back in NL I dreamt mom was crying, later on I found out she had problems at that time but didnt want to tell me until I told her about my dream. The thing is, I never knew which one is 'real' like the one about my mom, and which is just a dream.