Friday, December 10, 2010

Meeting Up People

It's been 2.5 years since I came back. A lot has happened. There were some ups, but there were much more downs. I lost myself in the process. In short, I've changed. I'm not as happy-go-lucky as before. A friend said I'm more assertive, probably it's her nice way of saying I'm more bitchy. I used to be very flexible with my time, now I am not. When people upset me, I used to let it slide, now I dont.

There are parts of me that still 'Dutch'.

Like I still ask for mayo for my (thick) fries, or still show up on time even just for meeting friends. It bothers me when people show up late, especially without any news about it. Take my friends from Junior High. We met up twice, and I always be the first person to show up at the venue. In the last meeting the first 2 people who arrived at the venue was my friend who lives in NL and I, the rest were at least 1 hour late. I told them early on, I had another appointment afterward, so I left about 1.5 hour after arriving. The late comers commented why do I have to leave so soon as they just arrive! Are you kidding me?

What worse is when someone cancel a meeting without telling me about it. Between work, class, traffic jams, I dont have much spare time. When I said I'm meeting someone, I'd do my best to be there. Even if I felt like crap, I'd try to make it. If I cant make it I make sure you know about it, depending whether I have enough credit on my cell, most of the time I call because in my experience I dont always get my sms (I have no idea why I use 2 providers and they are the same).

I still try to go out my way for those important people in my life. Now, however, when I feel like they didnt even care about me/what I'm doing, I stop making the effort. I figure, why would I have to bend over backward for someone when that person doesnt appreciate it.

People would say that I need to lighten up about it, but I feel it's about respect & appreciation. By being late, you are not respecting and appreciating the other person's time. Plain and simple.


colson said...

Nothing wrong with being assertive, I guess. That is not necessarily the same as being bitchy - which also can be very useful as well by the way.

Your observation on "rubber time" is correct, I think. During holidays in the archipelago used to say ( and think) the Indonesian habit is kind of cute, exotic or even proof of wisdom, but as soon as I am back to my old self again I absolutely share your opinion: I can't stand people who show up late, too late.

triesti said...

you always said the nicest & encouraging things, thanks:)