Monday, December 06, 2010

Saudi's Women

I want all Indonesian women who want to have Shariah implemented in Indonesia to read this article. Seriously, I dont get why Saudi has a seat in the United Nations Women's Rights Council, their track record of Women's rights is preposterous.


colson said...

Hear, hear.

You are right: it is preposterous.

The Arab peninsula isn't the place to be. Not for women. Not for men either.

But there always is hope for change. Many Saudi women are well educated. And the old traditional ways will gradually erode. I usually ( not always, but most of the time) like to read a blogger like this one as an example of independent thinking Saudi women.

triesti said...

I thought hning was Indonesian who grew up in Saudi. I fear educated women are not enough, we also need the help of feminist men to break the tradition.

colson said...

You're right about men who should see the light - though history teaches us most of the job will have to be done by women themselves.

(And you probably are right about hning's Indonesian nationality too. I thought she was kind of mixed Saudi-Indonesian living in Indonesia.)