Thursday, December 02, 2010

Circus in Town

They finally arrived last Tuesday. Had I not been bed ridden, I'd have joined the dinner that night. The next day, in the front of the hotel there was a demonstration of women in black/white jilbab carrying Arabic banner demanding sharia law. Gosh, I wish I was rich enough to give those ladies one way ticket to middle east or at least to Aceh. What a welcome to those who've never been to Indonesia before.

The 1st meeting didnt go as well as I thought it would be. Too abstract, too much unimportant information about some trees. I dont get it. This is the opportunity to talk about cooperation and the guy talked on and on about some stupid trees. What a waste of time. Plus, the one who really had prepared for the meeting didnt get the chance to talk. That's how most Indonesian bosses are. Sad, but it's the reality.

Had a great dinner by the pool & there was an impressive presentation by this high school kid. Later on I overheard my boss telling his wife that a member of the delegation told him that I was very sexy. I still dont know how to take that. Ok, normally I go to work in a pair of trousers and a blouse, long sleeves, covered up with a wee bit of make up. I make more effort when I have to meet a client. Last night, still feeling under the weather, I put on a moss green knee-length dress with a matching crop cardigan and some make up. I showered and got ready in less than 30 minutes because I needed to prepare everything to the last details.

The ladies said I looked great. I can take 'great'. The guy who helped me at the executive lounge said I looked gorgeous. I can take 'gorgeous' any time. But 'very sexy' from a client to my boss. I dont know what to think. Until I figure it out, note to self: stay away from dresses. Anyway, I am back to the usual uniform of trousers & blouse today.

Both of our today's meetings went well. It was more concrete, and by the look of it, my client's objective can be reached just by this visit. The bosses are very pleased. Fingers crossed come end Q1 2011, that thing I've been praying for would materialized.

Despite the excruciating pain I had last night, I really enjoyed the circus in town. It's worth the pain.


colson said...

First of all: very good to read all went well. I guess I can relax the two fingers I had crossed for so long time ..

As for the "member of the delegation", I agree with him/her in the blind. "Sexy" to my knowledge means the same as "great", "gorgeous" and very attractive, be it raised to a square.

triesti said...

Colson, you can massage your fingers:) It's a he actually. It's a business dinner, so sexy was the last thing on my mind of what I wanted to convey. oh well.. maybe I just take it as a compliment.