Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Argentine Tango

Today I had a meeting with an Argentinian guy. It's been ages since I listened to Latin Spanish. It's cute. We talked a bit about his country and Argentine Tango.

I heart Argentine Tango. Mucho.

Out of many dances I'd learned since my childhood, I feel Argentine Tango is the closest to the reality of man-woman relationship. It can be fun, sad, sensual, flirtatious, playful, slow, or in quick tempo. There's smooth flowing motions but also sharp turns. There's no choreography, it's all about improvisation. There's a synergy between opposites, between the dancers.

There's an old saying: Tango is 4 legs, 2 bodies, 1 heart. It's because it's not merely about moving from one step to the next, but it's about feeling and sensitivity. Each dance is a new dance created by the (new) partners according to the music, the mood, the moment, the state of their inner beings.

The first thing you'll learn at tango class is to be in tune with your partner's movement. It's not about calculating/expecting/anticipating his or her next step, but paying full attention to their subtle signals and accommodating it. You learn to just walk in sync and in rhythm. Sometimes, you are not even embracing your partner. Only after you master this, you'll learn the basic moves.

In order for a man to be a good leader, he must be clear and unwavering in his intention. He must lead with certainty and conviction. Certainty is the key. The woman needs to trust and let the man take control. She must be open, receptive and patiently waiting for his lead and responding to that accordingly. There's this frantic male energy and female calmness in the dance, and it has to be in balance. If the male energy is too dominant, you are risking throwing her around, losing the connection and being disrespecting your partner as well as compromising her balance. Therefore, the man also need to wait and listen to their partner's respond. If the woman doesnt respond correctly to the lead, she is just there dragging along behind without grace. If the man is not leading, the woman will not following. If the woman can figure you out, you'll lose her attention and she'll start dancing on her own.

Vale, Vamos a bailar!


colson said...

Two things from Argentina I can't stand because both obviously come from another planet and that level is far beyond me: their two genius Argentine football players, the best ever (Diego Maradona and Lionel Messi) and their Tango. Which is fun, sad, sensual, flirtatious and playful indeed, but sensual as well.

I'm a lousy dancer anyhow, but this ( makes me almost suicidal. It's from 'The Tango Lesson' with Sally Potter both as director and leading lady.

triesti said...

You should see 'Carlos Saura's Tango. Much better dancing than Tango Lesson. I am not a good dancer, I just love dancing. However, Sally Potter needs to stick to her daily job and leave dancing to professional. Seriously. I got a link to that movie here:

That being said.. LIbertango is my fave ever.

colson said...

@ triesti: I don't doubt Saura's superiority if you say so, though I want to defend Sally Potter's professionalism. Being film director/actress was only her second career. Originally she had a successful career as a ballet dancer.

And it's a comfort to me we share our preference for Astor Piazolla's music ;).

cathyarv said...

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