Friday, December 10, 2010


I was talking to one of mom's friend the other day. She talked about her son and how she wanted her son and I to go to Myanmar, because her sister just came back from a trip up there. Apparently there's a temple that she wanted us to visit.

Ever since I met this lovely girl from Myanmar before I left for NL, I always want to see the place. Then I started learning Vipassana that was thought by Goenkaji who happen to be from Myanmar. I want to one day do Vipassana in Myanmar. However, I heard that to meditate in Myanmar we need a special visa and in order to get it, I need to get a letter from both meditation centers in Indonesia and Myanmar. What a hassle! Plus, I tried emailing and calling the Myanmar embassy in Jakarta about it but to this day I never get any reply.

Who knows we might ended up going up there one day. For the time being, both of us are busy with our own things.


colson said...

Myanmar, meditation and (a whiff of) matchmaking!

It looked like a very promising entry. But the last line is kind of disappointing anticlimax.

triesti said...

hehehe, We're just friend, at least that's the way I look at it. but never say never huh?