Sunday, December 05, 2010


Colson reminded me about Sinterklaas & Zwarte Piet and what they are going to do to those who are naughty. Zwarte Piet scolded you then take you to Spain. SPAIN! Just think about things you could do in Spain when Piet scolded you. I need to work on my naughtiness so they take me to Spain. So I can be in Barcelona again, be in places Gaudi touched, be in places that inspired Miro, Picasso & Dali. Not to forget: dancing Flamenco again.

That's it: I'm taking up Spanish again next year, besides there's a chance I'm dealing with Spanish company next year.


colson said...

No, no,no, no. It will not be that easy.

First of all Sinterklaas lives in Madrid. Which is far away from the Mediterranean in the middle of Spain´s heatwave plains.

Perhaps, perhaps you will be allowed a visit or two to the Prado at best. But your main occupation will be one of Sinterklaas´ and the Zwarte Pieten´s little helpers. They prepare next year´s presents, write and translate the accompanying rhymes and poems in Dutch and bake billionsand trillions of ´pepernoten`. Hard work in a hot place!!!! And of course, occasionally will meet with the `roe` / birch rod.

So you´d better be good and obedient!

triesti said...

I'm tired being good and obedient, opa.