Saturday, December 11, 2010

Weird Conversation #4

We just wrapped up our meeting. The guy rose from his chair, looked at me, and approaching me.

+ Are you related to T? His niece, perhaps?
- Yes sir, I'm his niece
+ I thought so, you look a bit like him. So, Are you from his side, or from his wife's?
- Actually, from his wife's side.
+ Yeah, your uncle is arabic descended.
* She's also B's niece
+ Oh, no wonder. I know you uncles.

Today I told oom T & B about this, and they were laughing. Oom T looks very Arabic, I look very Indonesian. Our similarity is having the same malocclusion. My uncle didnt even remember the guy or if both of us (I used to tag a long Oom T's meetings or functions) met the guy before.


colson said...

Gradually, putting together all little bits of information you gave about your appearance in the course of many entries, I can draw a picture of you. Which can come in handy if I ever would meet you :).

triesti said...

If you look at my avatar, that's my sketch of moi. :)