Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's official...

I just fried my brain sitting for the two exams since 9 o'clock this morning. By the look of it, I'll be sitting for the same exam this time next year, but if I passed both exams this time around.. I'll sacrifice a goat and make it Kambing Guling, eventho I wont be eating any of it.

I dont even remember what I wrote. I'm in such state at this moment.

Eventho I want to go to any party (I dont care which one as long as it's a party), but I think I am more in need of: SLEEPING!


colson said...

For someone whose brains just has been fried, you write real lucid texts. Nevertheless I think the one right thing to do is to obey your body ( and brains): go to bed and sleep.

It's a long time, so my memory may deceive me, but I think I at the time went by a successful 'strategy". I did benefit from relaxing ( and sleeping a lot)the last three or four days before an exam.

triesti said...

I was sleeping the day before and last night, and today.