Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Perhaps It Explains My Irritation

After an exam, I went straight to the hospital and stayed there for 5 hours last Saturday because I felt like crap. I thought the bugs still bugging me. However, the doc told me to get another blood test to check my electrolytes.

I just called the lab to ask for the preliminary result, and it seems like my calcium is way too high, almost 4 times higher than normal. The lady said she's going to check some more to make sure before I see the doc on Thursday for a consult.

4 times as high means hypercalcemia. That explain the irritability I've been experiencing which I thought due to stress. Good thing that I havent been in confusion, which is also another side effect. It seems that my hormones are still imbalance. In worst case scenario, it could lead to renal failure.

So, it seems like I have to do more hospital run after this. Fun! NOT.
Oh well, better now than if it was too late, eh?


colson said...

Wow, take care of yourself!

This looks like a really, really serious matter. You do absolutely need urgent and serious medical attention.

I wish you a soon and definite recovery.

triesti said...

I hope tomorrow I'll hear a better news from the doc. I'm still working tho.. it's just I feel very tired, nauseated, sometimes short of breath plus getting irritated from the smallest things most of the time. And I thought Jakarta is getting the better of me. Sigh.