Saturday, December 11, 2010


I went to see this monk today, Bhante Uttamo. He was one of the funniest and wisest people I know. He taught mindfulness meditation. What I like about his teaching was he also taught about mindfulness in the real life. Sitting meditating was just a practice for being mindful in the real life.

Yesterday I said I wouldnt ask any question today, because most of the time when it comes to meditation, the answer would be: Just observe the sensation. However, I ended up asking a lot of questions. I formulated in general questions, as I asked them in public. His answers were all actually specific to whatever I was struggling. There was only one person who knew about the story behind my questions. After the meeting she commented that now I had the answers I was looking for. Yupe. I know I'm in the right path eventho sometimes I made a detour.

Someone asked about desire in Buddhism. He said it is ok to have desire as long as we are not attached to it. Just as well with love. According to him, to love means we are acting in such way to make the one we love happy without wanting anything in return. As soon as we expect something from that person, it's a form of attachment. Need to ponder more on that one.

What is interesting, some of his example about mindfulness in real life I learned it before from my dad. I've never thought about it as being mindful before. In 8 hours I learned so much, and laughed so hard with him. I feel like my battery has been recharged.

Perhaps like the bhante said, we have enough good karma for us to meet each other at the right moment. Thank you Bhante!


colson said...

"make the one we love happy without wanting anything in return" - well that's a beautiful ideal.

Yet I think even the unconditional love of mothers breastfeeding their babies( or of grandfathers bending over backwards to make their granddaughter happy for that matter :) ), do usually get rewarding reactions.

I guess the best we can do in the field of love and relations is to keep on trying to reach for the stars.

triesti said...

I guess getting rewarding reactions and expecting certain reaction is two different things. Like you said.. reach for the stars...