Thursday, June 02, 2011

Australia vs. Indonesia

When they found out about the treatment their cows received in Indonesia and Saudi Arabia, they banned export of live cows.

When they found out their foreign workers in the Middle East (especially in Saudi Arabia), Malaysia and Singapore are being abused/raped, they still 'export' foreign workers to those countries.

Seems like Australian cows have a better protection than Indonesian foreign workers. And they said Bule has no moral. Sigh.


Multibrand said...

A disturbing yet true comparison.

colson said...

I really hope my bule morals are above average :).

As for your comparison I think it is an inspiring and challenging one ( but like most comparisons slightly twisted :)).

Nevertheless, the millions going abroad to earn some money could indeed do with a lot more efforts to protect them and to prepare them on the part of their country/government/embassy.

I'm less sure about the Australian indignation about Indonesian slaughterhouses. Though I'm not a supporter of any old fashioned ritual slaughtering of animals ( should be banned if you ask me), by what I know from regular European slaughterhouses ( which I assume are quite similar to Australian ones) there also is abundant cruelty on those premises.

triesti said...

@harry, I'm getting better at making wacky comparison:)
@colson I take it as a compliment of my twisted comparison:)

I dont eat red meat not because I care of how they are treated. Maybe I should.

Islamic or Western way of slaughtering convince that their way is more humane. In both places you hear & see frightened animals.