Monday, June 20, 2011


iLOL is Indonesian President ILO's speech followed by a beheaded of Indonesian migrant worker in Saudi 4 days later. Of course afterward there were plenty of President's condolences and the government blaming Saudis. In short: pass-the-bucket

Interestingly, each time something like this happened we almost hear nothing about the company who sent the person to that employer. Their hands are also covered in blood by not helping the very people they put in such situation.

note to self: reincarnate as Australian cattle is 'better' protected by its government than as Indonesian migrant worker.


Multibrand said...

Australian cattle are luckier than our TKW.

colson said...

Gruesome affair. Humiliations, anger, pain - a shame. Yes, you are right: these poor women ( and men) often are being treated worse than Australian cattle.

This beheading is not a surprise though. There are millions of these people who fell/fall victim to fate (being born poor in the wrong place), greed ( by their "company"), incompetence & indifference ( of everyone involved) and cruelty (by their "employers"). Numerous previous horror stories preceded this one.

Migrant workers often are nothing but slaves - exploited at home by their 'company' and abroad by their 'employer'. This lady for instance - like many others- badly wanted to go home. However her boss kept her factually imprisoned.

The dilemma is huge though.

The home country's leverage to put pressure on Malaysia, Singapore or Saudi Arabia to protect migrant workers, is quite insufficient. For geo-political reasons and ideological/religious ones, help by the "international community" is also very improbable. Let alone interference in the legal system of these countries, by Indonesia.

Yet to put an end to "export of (wo-)man power" to Saudi Arabia ( and others) is no option either. The millions of women ( and men) involved usually badly need the little money they can earn. They usually have no real alternative.

triesti said...

I dont think Ind. Government really tries to help their people. More often than not, Ind. diplomats are too busy entertaining DPR members and the like visiting abroad. The companies need to also educate the employer and visit them randomly to make sure that the TKI are treated decently. When someone in trouble, both embassy & company have someone in contact with the lawyer of defendant. Heck they have to provide a lawyer to make sure TKI get a just trial. those things are doable if we still want to send our TKI to the lion's mouth.

Hning said...

And on the Saudi front? Not a stir. Not even a tweet. It's a normal day in Saudi to behead and dehumanize.

triesti said...

I'm not surprise.. after all even G_d gave up on Saudi when He said: ok, this is the last prophet... I think He realized: Incorrigible ;)