Thursday, June 16, 2011


One day some time last year Tante O told me about her maid's son's health problem. He worked as an admin at a hospital somewhere. He's seen a lot of doctors, some of them are specialist but nobody knew what's wrong with him. His fingers are numb.
I remember what my dad told me & what I've read about leprosy. I told aunty O to tell him to look for a doctor specializing in leprosy, or go to leprosy hospital in Tangerang. So, she did.

Months later, Tante O told me that it was good that I told her about leprosy because the guy went to see a doctor about it, just as I suggested, and the good doctor confirmed he has leprosy. He is now under treatment, so hopefully he wont have to miss any part of his body.

Tante O was surprised that all of these time, the other doctors couldnt figure it out what was wrong, and I, who is not a doctor came up with leprosy. I think I was lucky and the previous doctors didnt think they came across leprosy when they see him. I'm just happy to give my 2 cents.


colson said...

A sad story, but ( probably)with a happy ending fortunately.

What's really amazing to me is these doctors missed the right diagnosis. And what doesn't amaze me you got the suspicion of leprosy (because gradually I got the feeling you are acquainted to and have knowledge of medical science ).

triesti said...

I had my moments :D