Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Robbing $1 To Get Health Care

I thought Obama's health care means everyone gets some sort of health insurance. But reading this article, I guess I was wrong.

The guy robbed a bank for $1 so that he is sentenced to jail. It was his logical way to get health care he couldnt afford outside jail. The world's gone mad. A prisoner gets a roof above his/her head, 3 meals a day and a decent health care, while a free man cant afford any of them.

Perhaps it is much better if he gets jailed in Norwegia rather than in the USA: better facilities.


colson said...

It's the sad story of a desperate but creative man. Very much the American way :(.

You're right. It's crazy. It once more shows the triumphant (neo-liberal) capitalism is extreme folly. And hugely anti-social - in my opinion.

Obama deserves to be praised though- he went against the tide. He didn't get the medicare he wanted yet. Mainly because Republicans ( and conservative democrats) successfully framed his plans as "socialism". The main, of course fictitious, American bogeyman.

Norway would have been an better place for the fake bank-robber indeed. It still can boast one of the best social security systems. But even in that country it's being eroded by the bloody economic philosophy of Milton Friedman and his cronies( and even faster in other European countries) .

triesti said...

I dont get why a bit of socialism is rejected in the USA. I could be so lucky if Indonesia care half as much as Dutch gov. to their own people (especially the lower income ones). Indonesian gov. cares only of their own cornies.

Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,

The news media in Indonesia often describe the jail as 'hotel prodeo' i.e. a free of charge hotel.
So for some people here, especially those with low income, the jail can be a better place to stay.

triesti said...

@Harry I know about hotel prodeo, but I dont think being in jail in Indonesia is a better place if you are poor. In Europe however, it's different. They got games console, tv, own cell, in NL even 'vacation' to see their family in certain cases!