Saturday, June 25, 2011

Dear nephew

My 6-years-old half-American nephew was visiting yesterday with his grandparents. His dad passed away last month from cancer. We tried not to mentioned about it to him fearing he would break down. He was so happy and smiley yesterday.

At one point, he sat at his grandma's lap, and whispered: Do they know that my dad passed away?
Me & mom: yes, we do dear..
Him: How?
Me: internet..
He looked relieved that we knew.
his grandpa trying to divert the intention: they also know you are naughty
him: *sheepishly* they do?
I then teased him about being a sore loser, to which he replied: What is a sore loser?
There we went

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Multibrand said...

He must have learned a lot from his auntie (you).