Sunday, June 19, 2011

Space Weather

Nowadays, if I have difficulty with my cellphone or modem, I check : for information of solar & geophysical activities. More often than not, when there's such activities, I have problem in my electronic communication devices.

After reading an article (which I cant relocate) I think I will check that website before flying. Apparently, solar activity influences airplane. I'm not saying that we are doom if we fly on the day of solar storm, but we need to be cautious, as it means more radiation up in the sky. As our polar area affected more by the solar storm, airplane flying in the area might experience radio trouble, navigation errors.

On the bright side, the more solar storm, the more Aurora's, or so they say... more info in here


colson said...

Fascinating idea.

No autistic people on the streets and in restaurants talking to their gadgets anymore- from now on everybody can take notice of his/her environment again, because the cellphones are dead. And in stead of tedious predictable holidays, adventurous journeys are on the menu again - my destination might have been Jakarta, but I may as well arrive in Buenos Aires.

Maybe the future is bright after all. And on top of that an newspaper article announced that because of another trick by the sun we also may enter a new short Ice Age.

triesti said...

@colson The Future is bright, the future is Orange :D
apparently, later this year is the peak of solar storms.. even electricity might get disturbed