Saturday, June 04, 2011

Becoming Normal

I called up W this morning on the way to see my doc because all of the sudden I was scared. Logically it's silly to be scared because it's only a consultation. Earlier she texted me that she cant be with me due to her unfinished paper, to which I replied "it's ok". I didnt even asked her to accompany me, I only told her that I had an appointment. I'm used to go by myself. In fact, most of the time I prefer it that way.

Her phone hung in the middle of conversation.

After seeing my doc and visiting my uncle at the hospital I called W again, laughing about my morning call. She commented that perhaps now I'm becoming 'normal', to be scared about seeing a doc. Apparently all these time my going by myself is not 'normal'.

Anyway, the prof seemed to agree with my KL docs' concerned, but he needs more tests. Here we go again.


Multibrand said...

It is okay, and normal, to fear that something bad will happen to us.
But, people say that optimism would beat even the deathliest illness.

triesti said...

I'm working on that mister! wish me luck.

colson said...

I don't know about being normal (a friend of mine used to have that text written on a mirror: "Ever seen a normal person? And did you like it?"), but I definitely am acquainted to that touch of stress and nervousness preceding a visit to a doctor: the "witte jassen syndroom" ( can that be translated by "white coats syndrome"?). Some social support can be a help in those circumstances.

More important: I'm sorry to read it looks like the exhausting and fatiguing diagnosis process keeps dragging on. Let's hope the prof. will be able to put an end to that soon.

triesti said...

@colson normal is over rated:) Fingers crossed.