Tuesday, June 28, 2011

World Class University

Indonesian universities are aiming to be a 'world class university' these days. Some put more effort in achieving it than the others which of course translated into more successful in meeting the target.

I wonder how a university can achieve their goal if they didnt pick up their phone, their website is only in Bahasa Indonesia, the staff barely understand English, and most importantly the staff are nowhere to be found at a scheduled meeting with foreign counterpart which was agreed weeks before. Buildings and huge campus alone wont get you the title 'world class university'.


Multibrand said...

Hi Triesti,
There are many world class universities in non-English speaking countries like France, Germany, Japan etc.

For Indonesian universities, the most important is that they should maintain good quality curriculum, lecturers, library etc. in Indonesian.

Aprianti said...

And the “victims” are usually parents who are obsessed with the world class label attached to the universities, and willing to pay whatever it costs, without even thinking about the quality.

triesti said...

@harry to be a world class university in Indonesia by definition they need to have 40% staff with Phd, each staff writes 2 paper/year for international journal, 20-30% foreign students and the list goes on. How could they attract 20-30% foreign students with website only in Bahasa Indonesia and no one picks up the phone. How could you published papers in international journal if you dont write in English?

@Aprianti well, Indonesian loves anything with "international" "world class". They also tend to think pricey=quality which is not always the case in Indonesia.