Saturday, June 11, 2011

Do You Want to Be My Friend?

Yes, I joined social media website to keep in touch with my family because I dont use Blackberry. When I looked at Indonesian's profile and saw they have thousands of friends, I wonder if they really have connection prior to the social media connection, you know, in real life, or at least some some kind of communication.

There are plenty of Indonesians who just add someone from somebody's profile to get huge number of friends. Some of my friends do this, therefore I made my profile unsearchable. So I have more control on social media as who my friends are as I only want to add those I have a 'real' connection. I sometimes do super logout by deactivating my account when I logout.

There are a lot of weird thing going in social media, you poke, you follow, you write at someone's wall, you like, you comment and other things that you dont normally do in real life. Why do we do that in online?

A couple guys did a short movie on the oddity of social media and it visualizes my thought on social media. Enjoy!


colson said...

For what it's worth: I sympathize with you. The world of the social media is fascinating and very, very weird.

It's artificial character changed and still changes the definition of concepts like 'social', 'like' and 'friendship'. And most of all "privacy".

Since I am attached to the old fashioned meanings of those words, I only unwillingly, hesitantly, passively and prudently have put just my big toe into the ocean of FB. And no, it doesn't feel al-right. So for the time being I leave it at that.

triesti said...

@colson yeah the privacy part is worrying. social media makes we all stalker, methinks.

Melly said...

I used to say yes and later "unfriend" them. And you know what? I think they never realize.

I have a friend who seems never able to return a text message, skype and email for the whole three or four months, so I decided to"unfriend". And you know what, within seconds, a private message arrived in my inbox said sorry for not replying any messages because blablablabla.

If you don't care enough to be my friend in real life, why bother get connected in soc-med?

triesti said...

@melly I just dont even bother at the first time I had a msg: please add me so I can have a friend abroad. And what a strange reason, suffice to say I didnt add him. I did add another guy because I used to live in his area and he talked a bit about the area