Thursday, June 09, 2011


Interesting documentary on Indonesian usage of social media with English subtitle.

Chapter 1 of 4:
Chapter 2 of 4:
Chapter 3 of 4:
Chapter 4 of 4:

Producer: @donnybu | Director: @dandhy_laksono


Multibrand said...

That's good Triesti.

I hope that we can also be advanced not just in the virtual world but also in the real world particularly in economy and industry.

colson said...

Thanks for sharing. Great stuff. By the time I will arrive in RI I will know the in and outs of the Indonesian social media.

And hey, there he was: Harry ( van Yokya).

triesti said...

@harry, colson yupe... there are more and more startups in Indonesia, a wee bit too much I think. Some people has more than two startups, which I dont think the best strategy. But hey, it's their choice. maybe they know something I dont. Yes, it's HarryvanYogya.