Sunday, June 05, 2011


The price of chilli was Rp 100,000 a kilogram back in January. These days it's Rp 1000 a kilogram. It's not easy being a farmer. We need a better policy to sustain our farming industry and protect our consumers.


colson said...

The price of Chilli collapsing?! Strange. Really strange. And a disaster for farmers depending on them for a living.

Do other farmer products also get dramatically cheaper? Or is it specifically a Chilli problem?

These facts run against all expectations. For months now I read and hear warnings about food prices ( structurally) getting sky high worldwide.Some analysts even told us that may even have been one of the main causes for the Arab uprisings.

Anyhow chilli farmers face difficult times indeed.

Multibrand said...

I agree that the government should have a pro farmer agriculture policy especially that it is difficult to predict the weather today.

triesti said...

Farmers need a better information service so that they can plan their crop, sell for a good price and learn about the newest trend & tech. Plus a good reliable transportation is a must.