Saturday, June 04, 2011

Irish Shariah Finance

This is an interesting move by the Irish. Let's see if Indonesia is also taking the advantage of it.


Multibrand said...

You mean a syariah finacial institution in Ireland ?

triesti said...

Not yet, but they are preparing for money coming in from islamic countries.. there are already universities in Ireland offering shariah finance program

colson said...

Astonishing news.

Because I guess the number of Muslims in Ireland can be counted one by one ( adding up to a few hundred)( France would have been a more likely country);

Because Shari-ah banking is banking too and banking is at the root of Ireland's dire straits (The Irish people may wonder whether it's the government's first duty to help the bankers);

Because I can't see why wealthy Muslims would gamble their Shari-ah money on a ruinous banking system.

Yet the announcement is either original and brave ( or possibly desperate). Being Irish ( taking into account the colour of his hair :))I assume Enda Kenny has to be original and brave.

triesti said...

@colson, interesting development, right? They already signed some agreements with Muslim countries on tax, I would've thought the money is started to flow to Ireland soon. There are plenty (Export) businesses that go well in Ireland.