Thursday, June 02, 2011

On Hijab 2

I heard many times over that the reason of women wearing hijab is to avoid being harassed or being seen as a sex object. I always wonder about it.

Looking at the situation in France where you can be harassed due to wearing a burka, I would think that wearing a burka is counter productive of you not wanting being harassed. In both Western world and in Indonesia I heard from my male friends how some women in hijab are more sexy. Again, it is not what those women want, right?

If you are both being harassed and being seen as a sex object while wearing a hijab, why would you still want to wear it? Wouldnt your life be easier just by wearing a modest, non-revealing, decent clothing? Just saying..


colson said...

There is a lack of logic in their reasoning indeed. Though burqas are killing indeed, but women wearing hijabs (headscarves) often catch my approving roaming eyes :).

Of course it's up to each separate individual, but I for one can't understand what's wrong with being attractive? Why hide it. I'm glad my wife at the time we met perceived me, like I perceived her: as a lovable person but as a sex object too :). ( Which must have been an effort on her part, I'm afraid :)).

triesti said...

@colson your last sentence is so funny. Anyway, I wonder about the same thing.. if G_d created human perfectly, why would we want to cover up the perfection given by Him?

Multibrand said...

Basically I agree with you.
But I also believe that people have the right to live their life, and dress, the way that they choose.